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I first had the colon cleanse 13 years ago. My mother brought it for me. at first, I was reluctant to take it as I have never cleansed before. I let my Mum take hers first, she survived it and I can honestly say her skin looked much clearer an I did notice she had lost a little weight. It was my turn and I was still feeling “Oh my God” about it, I set a day and took the capsule in the morning with a lot of water. It was an experience that lasted about 6 hours. I was not expecting it to be this long, but I was totally cleaned afterwards with a feeling that a load had come and hit a reset button. 2 days after, I noticed I had more energy and I also didn’t feel the need to snack a lot, I lost the desire for sugary foods and the cleanse started to make me drink a lot more water which I never used to do often.