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The Honey BeesAre Our CEO’s

I heard the buzz of his wings loud as if they were war drums in my ears.
I resisted the force that willed me to do something, anything and. So I danced I dance continuum in the dance of Ogun with OLODUMARE
I dance life before, in and beyond afterlife in the dance of Sango with OLODUMARE
I dance endurance and resilience in resistance in the dance of Oranmiyan with OLODUMARE
I Dance creation and all that was made to and meant to be ever beautiful in the dance of Obatala with OLODUMARE
I dance purity in seeing all the transparent colours of transparency in the dance of Ella with OLODUMARE
I dance abundance of abundant in the dance of Olokun with OLODUMARE I dance the infinite wisdom of knowing all that was, is, to transpire in the dance of IFA with OLODUMARE
I dance knowing that the source of all this knowledge is OLODUMARE in the dance of Orunmila with OLODUMARE
I dance stability with all her purpose in the dance of Esu with OLODUMARE I dance giving of prosperity into posterity in the dance of Yemoja with OLODUMARE
I dance the space where everything healed everyone and everyone heals everything in the dance of Osanyin with OLODUMARE

All credit for these wellness herbs go to Olodumare

We believe that nature is endowed with the power to heal and transform all lives into healthy, happy and beautiful and so our mission is to harness the best and most effective nutrient filled plants in nature for the gift of health, wellness and happiness.

When we seed the soil we know that we are planting a permanent foot print on earth and this give us a feeling of been grounded. When we fill our lungs with the air around the plant selection for harvest we feel the transfer of energy, mental clarity, rejuvenation and peace.

Designed, Tested, and Perfected by Nature

Our connection with nature and the plants that we blend is very intimate, powerful and sacred, like air that we breathe and with every breath that we take, we are aware that nature is the engineer of the remedies that we blend, our personal physician and our teacher

We Trust in our Roots

Ado our founder’s great grandfather learned the formulations of plant based remedies from his grandfather, who told him that his great grandfather Atunwase was a dedicated herbalist who cure most health issues with plants

Ancient Traditional African Medicine

Confirmed by Modern Science

Our Formulas

The formulas for most of our products like Atunbi, Atunyo, Atunrase, Sagbadewe, Breeze etc have been passed on through this Ancient line of descent and kept pure, staying true to traditional science of seed selection, ground preparation without herbicides or additive, knowing when, to plant and the precise time to harvest and yes, respectfully asking permission from plants before we take. This is the nature of our ways

Our connection with nature and the plants that blend is very intimate, powerful and sacred like air that we breathe and with every breath that we take, we are aware that nature is the engineer of the remedies that we blend, our personal physician and our teacher

We are a community of 16 herbal practitioners; our eldest lived to 117 years old, he was herbal practitioner for 101 years, he spoke, sang and dances with plants. When I asked him what was the science behind that, he says “I am walking my soul back home”

At Osanyin, we are totally committed to blending natural supplements that bring good health, wellness, happiness, peace of being and sustainability for the environment. We only use 100% natural herbs with no chemical additives, enhancers, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We are against cruelty to all beings, we have never tested nor would we ever test on animals.

Designed by Nature.Tested by Nature. Verified to be Effective by Modern Science