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I use the Atunbi colon cleanse every 2 to 3 months, the benefits for me is feeling clean of waste, my stomach is flat and I feel fresh and renewed.  We eat every day and sometimes overindulge and all food residues don’t come out of you, but putrefies. The first time I took the Atunbi a significant amount old waste came out, I didn’t realize we could store so much inside of us. I’m now a regular user of the colon cleanse. The other product I use is the Atunrase which is the blood cleanser and cleans parasites from the blood, it’s also and energizer, I take one or two capsules 15 – 20 minutes before I workout, run or go to the gym, this product gives me lasting energy and endurance, I really feel the boost and can keep on exercising without feeling tired, it makes me sweat a lot more, so I’m releasing more toxins too. I recommend the Atunbi products as it really works.