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Parasites have killed more humans than every war, every accident, every pandemic, every plague and all illness combined.

Why ? because aside from parasite been deadly efficient at the art of killing, they are also the root cause of most of the conditions listed above.

There is more; Parasites are also responsible for a large part of society’s malfunctions (Abuse, violence, deceptions, greed, rape, pedophilia, Homosexuality etc) They are persistent, dangerous and deadly serial killers that can take over your senses (sight, taste, smell, sound), mind, emotions and soul and turn you into mindless zombies, then dispose of you like dirt bags when they get bored of you.

cain and abel

The butterfly in your stomach, the tingle at the tip of your tongue, the sense of stimulation out of the norm that you felt towards someone or something. The cravings for unhealthy food, habit and lifestyle, these can be parasites living there fantasies in you and through you like they do when they send tele-visual signals to your brain while you are sleeping to make you belief that you are dreaming.

Parasites are also telepathic which means that they can communicate with themselves remotely to accomplish collective group objective in other to change a host collective culture, direction, and purpose or sense of being

brain contral parasites

They enter humans through the air that we breathe, the ground that we walk on, the food that we eat, the things and people that we touch. They get in and take residency in our digestive system, from there they migrate to and take over every organ. Parasites invade immune-privileged tissue such as the central nervous system or the eye and from there manipulate how and what you feel, see, smell or hear as well as your response to these senses and also shut down our natural defenses against harmful bacteria, pathogens, viruses and other parasites

When Heroes fall, Worms feast

blair selfie

How serious is this parasite problem?

Think of all the inquisitions, wars before the second world war. Hitler and his calculated reaction when he gave in to the nagging thought of “protecting the fatherland by every means necessary from “the parasitic Jews problem “or the parasites that took over Blair and Bush minds when they declared “shock and awe” and exterminated hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children.

bush and blair

Imagine if shock and awe lasted 20 year and simmered into Libya, Iran, Cuba, Afghanistan or Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc. Where through direct violence or attrition in form of sanction. Mind controlling parasites are able to create and magnify threats in our minds; coarse and choreograph our reactions to these treats in other to create an environment of overwhelming fear and insecurity that bring about gloomy atmosphere which further empowers and enables parasites to continue to rule our heads so that we work to our own detriment . Just like in Covid19

pworm in apple

Each and every living mammal has parasite.

Humans have thousands of these serial killers like

tape worm that can grow up to 40 feet long, have up to 4000 segments, and each segment can grow into its own piece and lay up to 1 million eggs a day.

1sq cm of sushi can contain up to 10,000 egg of this parasite. If you have ever eaten sushi, you have these parasites


Pin worms make you itch, they cause abdominal pains, joint pains, female problem and sleeping problems

pin worm

Whip worms increase your digestive fluid to liquidify the colon wall so that they can eat it.

Over 1 billion people are infested with whip worms.

Round worms cause pneumonia like problems and lay up to 2 million eggs a day

round worm

Hook worms have 4 sets of teeth. They eat the intestinal walls and feast on human blood.

Parasites are deadly and dangerous. They work as a collective and are highly effective at what they do.

No matter how clean you are, vegan, raw foodiest, you fast a lot, pray a lot, eat a little; You have parasites.

You can’t completely get rid of them without wiping out the friendly bacteria that are crucial to your systemic health.

So what can you do about it?

Stop eating the food that parasites love. Processed sugar, junk food, meat, fish, cheese, milk, alcohol, commercial fruit juices, etc. These foods are highly acidic and parasites thrive in acidic environment.

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Alkalize your body, mood and environment to the level that parasite hate to stick around

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Do a complete systemic cleanse, followed by a very serious 1 month parasite  cleanse